6 clever and creative business stationery ideas

Business stationery doesn’t have to be boring, even for print management companies, here’s six other types of company who have all been creative with their branding and stationery.

1. Yoga instructor bendy business card

This yoga instructor has made their business card as bendy as they are. In order to view all the details, you need to twist the card.

Via The Design Inspiration.

2. Solar energy company page changes under sunlight

This solar energy company created an eye-catching page which is black and white until it’s placed in front of a light source, then it turns to colour and displays the details of the company.

Via Ads of the World.

3. See results with stationery from this coach

Caroline Bosvere, a results coach, shows exactly what she does with her stationery, when you pull out the business card or paper from the folder, the bars go in an upwards direction.

Via Behance.

4. ‘Mr Milk’ milk man brand identity

This stationery for fictional milk man Mr Milk cleverly incorporates milk bottle shapes throughout, even the ‘M’ is shaped from a pair of milk bottles.

Via Behance.

5. Photographer’s magical transforming stationery

Photographer Andrew Lobov wanted his business stationery to demonstrate the magic of photography and the transformation that occurs in the darkroom from negative to picture. He did this by creating business cards and letterheads with symbols that transformed to show his name when viewed with the supplied glasses

Via Behance.

6. Flexible pilates instructor business card

This clever business card from a pilates studio shows quite literally the benefits of pilates with a fully flexible, movable design. Despite its bendy limbs, it still folds up into a standard business card shape, making it eye-catching and practical.

Via Ads of the World.

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