Cheque forgery unearthed in Liluah

Plain clothed policemen recently arrested a pair of criminals in Howrah, Liluah who had been using cheque forgery to obtain sums of cash from unwitting businessmen.

Abdul Aziz and Abhisekh Khandelwal supposedly used incense sticks, held underneath signed cheques of ‘loan applicants’ in order to remove the ink and alter the details in order to allow themselves to withdraw cash on the victim’s behalf. In order to obtain these cheques, Abdul and Abhisekh would dress smartly in full suits and ties and visit businesses in Howrahl, posing as representatives of the financial arm of a major conglomerate, to discuss and complete loan applications.

Police were alerted to the cheque forgery crimes when one of the victims realised that Rs 1,46,000 had been drawn against two supposedly cancelled cheques that he’d given to Abdul & Abhisekh during an apparent ‘loan application’ meeting. Having informed local businessmen that the conmen were operating in the area it wasn’t long before the pair attempted to repeat their crime, however, this time police were ready and waiting.

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