Hague becomes an approved provider of participant services to PayUK

Hague Software Solutions are now an approved provider of participant services to PayUK, for cheque clearing products. PayUK operates the national retail payments systems, including BACS, Direct Debit and the Image Clearing System. These systems enable providers to meet customer needs, whether for business or personal payments.

Hague’s cheque clearing and processing solutions uses the SolcharTJ image based system to reduce the time it takes for a cheque to clear. It automates the cheque clearing process by enabling digital images of the cheques, together with data, to be submitted electronically for clearing, saving time, effort, and costs.

Using Hague technology, recipients such as businesses, local authorities and charities have been able to simplify their cheque handling processes. In particular, our image processing technology has enabled charities to radically reduce the time and bureaucracy involved with processing numerous small donations.

As one of PayUK’s providers of cheque clearing products, Hague is working alongside other stakeholders to support the retail payments architecture of the future. The New Payment Architecture (NPA) will enable more efficient payment processing, removing problems and opening up new opportunities.