HelloFresh Issue Cease and Desist Letter In Attempts To Protect Their Brand

My Food Bag received a cease and desist letter from HelloFresh after using the word “hello” in their marketing.

The chief executive and director of My Food Bag, Cecilia Robinson, has rejected the claim on the grounds that intellectual property rights don’t extend to common greetings.

They issued a tongue-in-cheek reply, thinking they were “pulling their leg” when they received the letter. Their response concluded, “so in short we’ve decided “yeah, nah”, and we wish you fellas a good day.”

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Recently, Louboutin won a case to protect their red sole branding across Europe (read more here) and you’d be surprised what else is trademarked. If a trademark describes the goods or service, rather than signifying the brand, then it’s unlikely to be allowed. Cadbury has been in an ongoing battle to protect its Pantone 2685C packaging due to objections from Nestlé, for example.

So what can you protect when it comes to your brand?

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