How can using hologram stickers both protect and improve your brand reputation?

The obvious, and arguably most important use for holographic stickers and labels is to protect your brand from fraud, ensuring that counterfeit products cannot be sold under your name. It’s simple, only genuine products feature your unique hologram stickers.

There is in fact an additional benefit to featuring hologram stickers on your products though; they can help to enhance the image of your brand as a genuine and trusted supplier of quality goods. When a customer sees holographic stickers or labels on products, they subconsciously assume that those products are held to a higher standard than those without. So, not only do hologram stickers protect the integrity of your brand, they can also help to increase sales!

What exactly is a hologram though? Often you look at the foil and see an image, text, or both. A hologram however, does not actually contain an image but rather an encoded pattern which serves to bend and shape the light which creates the image we eventually see. This effect is created through the use of simple lines, known as ‘fringes’, which are used to focus light and create the effect needed to render the image visible. It is this complexity that makes a hologram secure; they cannot be copied by conventional photocopiers or scanners.

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