New cleaning range introduced to help Hague customers optimise printer performance

Due to customer demand, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering Print Head Cleaning Wipes.

These are an inexpensive, safe, and efficient way to clean your print head. Cleaning is essential to eliminate a range or residues that can be generated during the printing process. These include label dust and adhesive, both of which can form a permanent barrier between the print head and label over time. If it isn’t tackled, the print quality will suffer. This can, in turn, cause you to increase the printing temperature which may diminish the longevity of the print head and raise scanning issues.

If you use a thermal transfer printer then it’s important to ensure a consistent print quality. To maintain an efficient and consistent service manufacturers recommend regular cleaning of the print head. This helps to maintain print quality and can protect the printer head from developing damage. Keeping your print head clean makes your printer more efficient, reduces downtime of essential printers, maintains print quality, and can extend the lifespan of your printer.

Print Head Cleaning Wipes from Hague make keeping your print head clean a simple task. We can supply as little as one box of 200 wipes or provide discounts on larger volumes. Get in touch to place your order.